OmniAuth Integration without E-Mail - possible?

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When I configure an OmniAuth provider using omniauth-oauth2-generic connect to an OAuth2 auth server with no E-Mail information, GitLab complains “sign-in failed because email can’t be blank gitlab”.

I do know that E-Mail is mandatory for using the GitLab, but I’m expecting that, when E-Mail information is absent from the OAuth2 provider, the GitLab would bring the user to a form asking for their E-Mail (and verification could be done here optionally).

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Self-managed GitLab-EE 15.5.4

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I’ve searched for config items enabling the behaviour I expected, but without luck.

Thanks in advance for any help!

If you enabled to create users based on SSO, than e-mail is mandatory parameter for creating a user in GitLab. Your expected feature to “request” missing fields is not available. Feel free to raise a Feature request in the official issue tracker.

Thanks, I see. It’s sad to hear that, will try to create a feature request.