OmniBus GitLab CE Multirunner with Docker executor cloning issues

Hello everyone, allow me to paste a Stack Overflow question I asked recently with regards to Ubuntu GitLab CE OmniBus Docker CI Multirunner. I’d like to avoid rewriting the question here unless the forum rules require otherwise, just to keep my edits in one place.

Long story short, I installed GitLab CE on Ubuntu using the OmniBus package and set up Docker CI runner. I am able to access the web UI and I am able to clone repositories using Git after SSH setup, but the Docker runner is not able to clone repository within itself saying port 80 is not accessible. I think this is because it is looking for the host in the Docker network, not in the host network, but I also don’t know anything about anything, so it may be something completely different!

Please see the question here:

Thank you!

The question has been responded to and resolved on Stack Overflow! :slight_smile: