Omnibus Gitlab Enterprise HA with single licence

Hiu folks,

I am planning to do HA with omnibus Gitlab Enterprise on aws. Just curious to know should I need 2 Gitlab Enterprise licenses or just one is enough to achieve HA with multi AZs?

Hi rpatel,

from (below in the FAQ section):

Q: Do I need an additional license if I run more than one server (e.g., for backup, high availability, failover, testing, and staging)?

A: No, if your GitLab Enterprise Edition servers cover the same users, you can use the same license file for all of them.

Hi Bartj,

Thank for your reply.

Would you please suggest how can I automate Licensing part while provisioning omnibus solution using Terraform, ansible and packer?

I only used the web interface. You might look into the gitlab api, maybe you can automate licensing with that.


I am getting following error after installing Gitlab on ec2.

“500 Whoops, something went wrong on our end.”

Any idea?

Check the logs for errors by running
$ gitlab-ctl tail
and then reproducing the 500 error (visit the 500 error page)

You can also run rake tests to find any issues with your GitLab installation.
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:check --trace sudo gitlab-rake db:migrate:status --trace

Paste the output if you need additional help.