Omnibus overwriting gitlab-secret.json

Hi all

I am migrating a Docker installed Gitlab-ce to an Omnibus installed one. I am using a vshn/gitlab module Puppet module as it is tagged as ‘approved’.

I put my db_base_key in Hiera as:

    db_base_key: <my-long-key>

This populates /etc/gitlab/gitlab-secrets.json with

  "gitlab_ci": {
    "db_base_key": "<my-long-key>"

So far so good (I believe).

the problem is that that Puppet will now launch gitlab-reconfigure and all of a sudden, my gitlab-secrets.json is wiped and replaced with:

  "gitlab_workhorse": {
    "secret_token": "<stuff>"
  "gitlab_shell": {
    "secret_token": "<stuff>"
  "gitlab_rails": {
    "secret_key_base": "<stuff>",
    "db_key_base": "<stuff>",
    "otp_key_base": "<stuff>i"
  "registry": {
    "http_secret": "<stuff>",
    "internal_certificate": "<stuff>",
    "internal_key": "<stuff>"
  "mattermost": {
    "email_invite_salt": "<stuff>",
    "file_public_link_salt": "<stuff>",
    "email_password_reset_salt": "<stuff>",
    "sql_at_rest_encrypt_key": "<stuff>"

This is happening before the creation of secrets.yml, so my CI builds no longer work.

Where is gitlab-ctl getting the information to recreate my gitlab-secrets.json file? I am also specifying gitlab_rails::otp_key_base and gitlab_rails::secret_key_base in Hiera to (under gitlab::gitlab_rails and they are being correctly placed in gitlab.rb, gitlab-ctl reconfigure then places them in gitlab-secrets.json where they correctly finish in secrets.yml and everyone is happy. It is just the db_base_key that is getting overwritten.

Hi @chris.cowley ,

gitlab_ci['db_base_key'] has been replaced with gitlab_rails['db_key_base'] as per . Can you try using that and see if the problem persists? BTW, which version are you on?

By 9.0, we are removing all CI-specific configuration from omnibus, because CI has been integrated with GItLab for almost a year now (since 8.0).

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@balasankarc you are a scholar and a gentlemen and I owe you a beer

As for whoever decided it would be a good idea to swap base and key around: A plague o’ their houses