Omnibus with custom nginx not working after upgrade to 8.2.1

I’ve raised an issue on the gitlab omnibus page, but I thought, perhaps this is the better place to ask my question. I’ve recently upgraded to 8.2.1 and now my Gitlab CI builds are failing and HTTPS checkouts are not working because of an 502 error. I’ve tried everything that I could find with regards to this issue, but unfortunately that didn’t help. For the complete list of things I’ve done see:

Does anyone here have a clue what I’m doing wrong (since I hope it’s not a bug, all my builds are failing now)?

I responded in the issue :wink:

Thanks axil. And I’ve closed the issue since it was indeed not an issue at all, except perhaps for the lack of documentation on what you need to change to your nginx configuration (most importantly the change from /var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-rails/sockets/gitlab.socket -> /var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-workhorse/socket, but there are also a few new locations added).