On-Premise CI usage reports


We are self-hosting our GitLab instance (will be upgrading to starter enterprise soon) and want to move to autoscaling CI runners. Those CI runners will be running in a dedicated AWS account, so we will have just one big number to pay - but the runners will serve different teams in our company. The costs should be proportionally billed to those teams, depending on how many CI minutes each group (which is owned by a team) has used in a billing cycle.

E.g.: Total cost was $1000 for a month. Group A has used 2k minutes, Group B has used 8k minutes. Therefore Group A should be billed $200, Group B should be billed $800.

Is there some report available that will list the total amount of CI minutes on a root-group level already? If not, I saw that the API might give me enough information so that I can gather that with some python magic, but if there is some endpoint already that I did not see that would allow this I would love to use it. :slight_smile: No need to reinvent the wheel.

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