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Hi All

I am using on-premise Gitlab CE on Ubuntu 20

GitLab 13.11.3

GitLab Shell 13.17.0

GitLab Workhorse v13.11.3

GitLab API v4

Ruby 2.7.2p137


PostgreSQL 12.6

Redis 6.0.12

my root is administrator user but it gets locked out

I tried log files to get clue no luck

dir /var/log/gitlab/gitlab-rails/*

i got close below


not sure if that any clue …

it worked fine for 3 month

i tried passwd reset no luck

i created a local user works well

Any suggestions Please ?


Anyone can suggest how to read this

GMT time zone ?
8th june 2021

is that 21:15 pm ? 8 sec & 673 ms , what is Z ?

I think i found the issue …

It possibily related to ldap

admin user was tried with AD

and Windows team change the OU for the ad id


Hi @esxi1979
If your GitLab instance has LDAP configured, this message usually means that the user wasn’t found in LDAP anymore.

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@esxi1979 In case it helps in the future, that time format uses the ISO 8601 standard. There are more details at ISO 8601 - Wikipedia, but the ending is an offset from UTC, which Z a simplification for zero offset. So, yes, that’s June 8th 2021 at 21:15pm (+8.673s) GMT (assuming GMT and UTC are functionally equivalent).

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welll kinda complex what happened in my case … but the system user root had a email of AD user … and that AD user OU was changed… and yes i had LDAP configured

when i use to login with my AD email ( which was sync up with root ) … i use to see root user on top right vs my ad id …

if i unlokc … i was able to login & in few seconds it use to lock out …less than 60 sec

Anyways the issue is sorted …

thanks, is there anyways i can make the logging format just local tz ( keep it simple i would say )

I’ve never done it, but you could try https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/administration/timezone.html (although per this issue https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab/-/issues/242014 it looks like at least some logs stay UTC).

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