Only first LDAP server is shown as tab on the login screen

we’ve been using a self hosted GitLab instance a while now with LDAP auth linked to our AD servers.
A few month back I’ve added ldap auth for another ad to this instance and it was working. I had 3 Tabs on the login screen: one for the main ldap server, one for the secondary ldap server and the last one for the standard login.
For some reasons I removed the second ldap server from the config. But now, I need it again.
In the meantime, I upgraded our installation to

v15.4.3-ee (without license, as a community edition)

Unfortunately, I can’t remember which version we were on before.
So, I added the second ldap server to our config again and checked, if it was working with:

gitlab-rake gitlab:ldap:check

The command returned 100 users fpr the first server and 100 users for the second server. Everything fine, I thought, but the second ldap login tab is not showing up on the login screen.
I then changed the order of the servers and put the second one first and voile, the ldap tab is now showing the label of the second server but not the first.

Does anyone have a hint on what I might doing wrong?

Ok, found the bug ticket for this in backlog :frowning:

Found the feature “multiple_ldap_servers” in the ee module. According to documentation this feature is only available in the premium edition.

I thought it worked in the past, but my memory must be deceiving me on this one.