Open Source program for personal proyects

Hello folks,

I recently applied with my lesma project in the Open Source program and just received verification. The problem is that it asks me to create an organization/group to apply for the subscription but lesma is a personal project that I would like to have under my username without the need to move it or create a group. Moreover, I have a couple of other open source projects with the same characteristics that I would also like to have under my user name.

Is there any way that these projects can benefit from the plan without the need to create an organization or group?

Many thanks in advance

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Hi @ogarcia :wave:

Thanks for your great question.

At this time, program benefits can only apply to projects that are in specific groups (see historical discussion here). I recommend moving all open source projects to a group. As long as all those projects meet program eligibility requirements (and it sounds like they do), we can grant a license that would apply to the entire namespace.

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Hi @bbehr

It’s a pity :cry: that you can’t give the benefits in another way for these projects, but I understand and respect your policy perfectly.

The truth is that for the type of projects I prefer to keep them in my personal account rather than create a group (besides I can’t think of anything as a group name).

As these are not very large projects that do not consume a large amount of CI/CD time I will keep them under my username, and if in the future any of them grow large enough to merit a group I will contact you again.

Finally, thank you very much and sorry to have bothered you with the request I have already made to you for lesma (I will not use it).

Thank you, and keep up the good work.


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Not a bother at all, @ogarcia, and no need for apologies! It sounds like you have a clear vision for what will work best for you and your projects, and I’m glad you’re able to work in the way that’s most comfortable. Please don’t hesitate to reach back out if your needs change. All the best to you!