Open Source program if you are an individual

Hi everyone,
I’ve applied for the Open Source program for my namespace:
It has been approved and now, following the instructions from an email, it tells me to register on the GitLab Customer Portal. First, I select the “ Ultimate plan” option and proceed with my GitLab account. Then, I am asked to enter my account details, including fields such as: “Company / Organization name”, “Total number of employees” and “VAT”, which appears after I select my country (which is Poland).
I am really not sure how to fill in all of these fields as I am an individual. What should the “VAT” field contain?
Thanks for your help.

Nice to see you here, @sz3lbi! :wave: Thanks for your important question.

In the case of individual/personal projects like yours, you can simply list the project name as the organization name, any number you wish for number of employees (I believe people list the number of seats they’re requesting, or just input the number of maintainers the project has), and skip the VAT. These are part of the “standard” form for incoming Ultimate customers, aren’t always relevant in the case of open source program members.

Hope that helps! Welcome to the program!

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Thanks for your advice @bbehr.
Unfortunately the “VAT” field is required, like the others I mentioned :frowning:

Apologies for that oversight, @sz3lbi. I just checked with our internal teams, who confirmed that you can simply type N/A into the VAT field.

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