OpenShift 4.9 Operator Support

The current version of the Gitlab Operator for OpenShift / OKD doesn’t support the latest 4.9 release, and is preventing upgrades from 4.8.x to 4.9.x.

Is there any roadmap for this, or is it an easy fix by adjusting some arbitrary yaml version variable, or is it truly not supported on the new 4.9 release which is built on kubernetes 1.22 with a lot of deprecated API’s

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Bumping this thread.
I’m also interested in any updates on this topic, at least some roadmap for bringing the operator to 4.9


Also interested :slight_smile:

haha I spent 2 weeks to play with it and tried all different versions and all kinds ways until I gave up and search openshift 4.9 gitlab support version. I found this post =)) I should google it earlier.