Organisation account

hi, we are evaluating moving from GitHub to GitLab. In GitHub we have an organisation (company) account, and the url is ho can I get something similar in gitlab? I’ve created an account, and the URL is, and the same applies to my coworkers. But we want to have a corporate URL, where we are all member of it, and can invite our customers to it.



you could try to use groups and subgroups.
Create a group mycompany beneath that two subgroup internal and customers and beneath customers maybe company1, company2 etc.

You end with a hierarchy.

Add at least one colleague as co-owner of group mycompany so you can take a day off.

Add the rest of your staff to subgroups mycompany/internal and mycompany/customers/

Now add the users of company1 to mycompany/customers/company1 etc.

hi, in other words, creating a company account, like on GitHub, is not possible on GitLab? with a company account, i have a company URL, have the ability to assign team members and set them up as administrator, etc.
Does GitLab offer this?

well, I would say it is possible but works differently.

The group feature in Gitlab does basic requirements of organisational accounts. However, anyone can create a group with any name, and hence normal company names are already taken up by some random users. Hence, this does not make a good option, for companies to put their opensource contributions.

Organisational account in github seems more authentic, and seems a better place for companies to make direct contributions.

For @sajith and @mirandm, on we do maintain a dormant namespace policy through which users can request that a particular namespace be freed up if we determine that it is indeed dormant.

We service quite a few of these requests weekly and more often than not users wanting a specific name for their organization that is already taken are able to claim them successfully.

One of the key problems I’ve found with GitLab groups is that if you are a member of the parent group you automatically get the same permissions in any subgroup.

The ability to apply different permissions per-project is one of the features of an organisation that I feel GitLab is missing.

The only way I can see to get around that is to have multiple top-level groups. As an organisation this creates “sprawl” that administrators have to manage.

This is something currently on the roadmap for 12.9 - but there is a decent likelihood it will be pushed due to complexity.
Reference issue #33534