Organization with different plan levels?

Looking for some advice on how best to use Gitlab for our non-profit.

We have 10+ site projects.
For the most part there is a small team responsible for them and not a lot of changes.

Our most recent large project with outside developers required us to move to the Bronze plan.

For the other sites I would like to use Gitlab and have various users join to be able to submit and track issues as needed. Ie. About 20-30 non technical users across the different, posting about 2-3 issues per year (on average).

It seems as if adding any of these users, the organization will incur another user monthly charge.

Is my only option to create a second Organization account for the “free” level projects?
Or am I missing something more obvious re: projects and members/features?

Ah Gitlab FAQ to the rescue.

Can I acquire a mix of licenses?

No, all users in the group need to be on the same plan.

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