Packages and registries option after gitlab upgrade

We have upgraded gitlab CE from 14.0.12 to 14.3.6 recently , we have noticed for few projects we are unable to see “Packages and Registries” option and for few projects under same group we can see “Packages and Registries”. Why is this behavior ? Do we need to go to each Project and Settings > General > Project features , and enable the Packages option or can be done at group level ? even when we check the gitlab-ctl status we don’t see registry service present .

Features are set at project level, not group level. So it looks like projects were created and the registry options were disabled. So in such situation, yes you’d need to go through each project and enable the functionality that was previously disabled.

You can do it via API though, see: Projects API | GitLab

So using the API command to edit projections, you can set container_registry_access_level. You can also use the projects API list command to get a list of all projects, and then run the edit command to update them all in one go. I guess it just depends how many projects you have, and whether it will be quicker to do via web interface or write a script to do it with the API.

Thanks, also why gitlab-ctl status does not show registry service in our PROD . We tested all in test environment and we can package and registries option for each project also the gitlab-ctl status shows registry service running.

Maybe you need to check gitlab.rb and enable that as well:

See the Gitlab documentation: GitLab Container Registry administration | GitLab