Parent-child pipelines when parent trigger has resource_group does not blocks the same job in other pipelines

I am working in a project where a group of jobs when running needs to make the same set of jobs on other pipelines wait for it to finish. Since resource_group only works for a job in all pipelines, I have decided to implement to implement a parent-child pipeline with a resource_group on the parent trigger job, and this works for when the child pipeline is triggered from the parent, the same trigger or other pipelines will wait, I believe thankful to 53007

  • However while this works if it is triggered from the parent, the same does not happens if I start a job from the child pipeline. I was expecting that if I was to start a job from the child pipeline the parent trigger job when with resource group would make any job of the pipeline wait for any other running child pipelines in the runner. this does not happens. Also after you trigger the parent job once there is no option to start it all again.

  • Screenshot of the problem

    Screenshot of resource group working when it is triggered from parent

  • *Version Enterprise Edition [13.9.3-ee]