Participation guidelines to the Community Weekdays

How can I participate?

Users with all levels of experience with GitLab are welcome! Below are some suggestions on how to participate based on area of interest.

  • Issue Tracker - Help triage issues in the issue trackers. Attempt to reproduce bug reports, determine if issues are still valid, etc.
  • Code/Development - Submit merge requests to fix bugs reported in the issue tracker or pick up an abandoned merge requests and polish it up.
  • UI/Graphics - Users with an eye for design are encouraged to submit fan art or suggest UI improvements (and submit a merge request, if you know CSS/HAML :smile:).
  • Other - Did we fail to outline an area where you have skills? Please jump in and contribute where you feel comfortable.

Would you love to participate but are unavailable during the weekend?

GitLab welcomes community involvement at any time of the year. However, if you would like to contribute specifically to this event we can accommodate you. If you contribute on Friday, February 27 or Monday, March 2, your efforts will still be counted as part of this event.


The primary mode of communication during this event is IRC on Freenode #gitlab channel. Please help other users as they ask questions. As much as we are here to improve GitLab itself we are also here to build community. We will try to have a core team member in the room as often as possible during the event window. Avoid asking questions directly to a particular user except when necessary. We want to give everyone a chance to provide answers and input. If you do need a core team member please mention haynes, dblessing, axil42 or DouweM.

Please remember that GitLab is a world-wide community with users in many timezones. Some times during this event may be more active than others. Please be patient.


We will use a hashtag to track contributions for this event. Please ensure all comments and actions include #community-weekend-feb-2015 .

Issue Tracker

See Feb 2015 - Issues

Development - Either New features or bug fixes

See Feb 2015 - Merge Requests

Fan Art/Graphics

Please post your creations to and/or send a tweet to @gitlab.

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