Password protected content in RHEL 7 CE rpms?


I’m downloading GitlabCE rpms for RHEL 7 for more than a year now through my company web proxy.
They started to block any new RHEL 7 rpm some short time ago (~5 weeks) because something inside the rpm would be password protected. They can not tell me which part is password protected but also refuse to whitelist AWS (for obvious reasons).
I don’t know exactly when this started, but one of the last working versions was 11.6.5.

Here is an older example of the download error:

Antivirus Vendor: Kaspersky Labs
Scan Engine Version:
Pattern File Version: 190208.051400.12850784 (Pattern date: 2019/02/08 05:14:00)

Is the scan engine correct? Is there any password protected content inside the RPM? I don’t think so, but who knows…
Can you verify this problem? Maybe know a solution?

The proxy guys here don’t see any error or misconfiguration because the scan engine “can not be wrong”… sigh