Password showing in Contributor list, seemingly other User

I guess there was some kind of mixup on my site, but my password is showing in the contributor statistics. Strangely it seems to be another account though, which is not in the memberslist.

My account is commiting in the beginning of the Project and at the end and shows up as “Surname,Name(E-mail)” in the statistics.
During the middle of the Project there is another Account seemingly commiting, which shows as “username(password)” using my username and my password.

Now I wanted to delete that new User, which apparently was me for a few months until I had to reinstall intelliJ and vscode, but the User does not exist. Cant find it in the members list nor in gitlab.

Is there a way to delete that user or change the “email” which was my password? When I try selecting that User outlook opens and my password is automatically put into the “to:” part.

Thanks for any input.