Per Group CI/CD Minutes

Will 10000 minutes per month in the Silver edition be a problem for us? I presume it means CI/CD pipelines can run continuously 8hrs per day for 20days per month?

If I need to run pipelines for more than 10000 minutes per month can I setup 2 groups with different projects in each group to get a collective 20000 minutes per month?

Hey @skurlow,

It’ll be difficult for us to tell you what pipeline minute quota meets your specific needs, but you are correct in that you acn set up two different groups on if you want to double up on minutes. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase a subscription for both groups, if you don’t want to make your groups public.

What you might also find helpful is that we’ll soon be implementing the ability for users to purchase add-on pipeline minute packages if they find that they’re bumping up against the quota and need more. You can read about that upcoming feature in this issue, it’s currently slated for release in GitLab 11.9.

Thanks for the response @Tristan.

What do you mean by a subscription for a group? Is this something different to the $19 per user fee in the silver plan? So if I have 2 groups and the same users in each group then effectively we are paying $38 per user for the silver plan?

Sure thing.

The “subscription” being your Silver license, in this case. We refer to paid plans on as such. If you have two separate groups on with the same users in both then you’ll be paying for each user twice, once for each group.

If the primary function of the second group is to only serve as a backup pipeline minute repository, then it sounds like you may end up overpaying and it would also be difficult to run your pipelines on the other group if the minutes for the first are exhausted.

It seems like the upcoming add-on minutes feature would be really beneficial for you if you need more than 10,000 minutes per month and Gold is not an option.