Performance of GitLab docs

We are migrating to GitLab and I love it but one area is frustrating is the performance of pages in For example, the home page consistently apparently takes everyone in our group over 35 seconds to load.

I have a FIOS Gigabyte connection so I don’t think the issue is network.

So my questions are:

  1. Is an experience across other GitLab users?
  2. Is there a way to resolve this?
  3. Is there a workaround (downloadable documentation, a “mirror” that performs better, etc.)?

It may be worth checking where the major delays lie, using your Browser’s developer tools area to check the network load times, etc. 35 seconds appears to be a lot if it is sustaining through (i.e. even with cached resources). I don’t experience this and I’m on a far slower bandwidth (the load speed for text-heavy pages like is likely to be more dependent on latencies though, including things like DNS resolution time, latencies caused due to use of proxies, forced retries, etc.).

We do provide docker images of documentation archives that can be served locally, if that’s something you’d like to use:

If you use a standalone instance of GitLab, you can also visit /help on its domain for a local copy of the documentation.

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We’re takig a look at the /help area. Is there a URL for our local that corresponds roughly to the home URL for It doesn’t seem like our-local/help is quite that.