Performance problems after upgrade


After upgrading from version 7 to 8.16.1 we have massive problems checking out over SSH. git-upload-pack takes so long some clients just disconnect.

Log lines that show the problem:

Jan 27 13:32:09 SRVGIT sshd[27566]: Accepted publickey for git from port 62304 ssh2: RSA SHA256:WPUzYXwe2IXLiap2LMO70n3DDLo45zdA3uj3N0qony0

Jan 27 13:32:27 SRVGIT sshd[27903]: Received disconnect from 62304:11: disconnected by user

Jan 27 13:32:27 SRVGIT sshd[27903]: Disconnected from port 62304

As we have projects that consist of multiple repositories, pull times for developers have increased from roughly a minute to 12…

It seems the call to api/v3/internal/allowed takes so much time.

Any recommendations? As it stands now this update is close to a complete disaster…

Kind regards,
Sascha Andres

Problem was with dbus on the new server. An update from Ubuntu fixed it