Permissions restriction from group to project?


I would like to restrict access to a particular project in a given group.
For exemple, I manage documentation and configuration of our private GitLab instance to a group of people, being part of Git support in the company. But I would like to make access to the project containing production installations secrets more restricted.

It would be great to consider the more specific permissions by defaut (project over group) instead of considering the highest permission.

Another way would be to be able to specify at project level that we do not want group permissions to apply, only defined project permissions.

In my use case, and present permission features, I must either create a new group with different permissions, or almost empty group permissions and redefine them identically to each project in the group except for the restricted project, which is not very convenient.


Wow, still no reply to this? Seems like we really have to pay for GitLab support, huh?

I am also interested to know if Project permissions can override Group roles (whether lower or higher). That is, can Project roles take precedence (ala greater specificity) over Group roles where Projects (aka Git Repos) are concerned?

Maybe you should start with a little documentation reading.
From the documentation : “Users have different abilities depending on the access level they have in a particular group or project. If a user is both in a group’s project and the project itself, the highest permission level is used.”

No news concerning restrictions.