Phone Verification SMS not received (Unable to login and register)

You could try with US or UK. Good luck!

I have the same proplem in the vietNam with first number of phone : +84. Very bored for git lab , very terrible

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same issue is occuring its been three days i m keep on trying but no code is coming at my number from Pakistan +92

use the mastercard verificaiton it worked

Dont work for Sweden either… /headbutt

I wont give them my card. So tough luck

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Same here with Czech phone (+420)

so bard, very bordy. I try to register account and verify by phone number in VietNam ( gitlab) don’t send code. And I have orther phone number in orther country Franch,… . My account has blocked. And Can’t register Again. double My account has been blocked :, . Admin Please give me the question ?

still happens by today for Indonesian phone number (+62)

I’m having this problem with Vietnam number starting with +84, too. I tried several times over a few days now, with 2 different numbers, still no SMS.

This is an absolutely crazy situation if GitLab is doing this on purpose to force Credit Card verification.
This whole problem inconveniences onboarding collaborators for me to such a degree I will just switch to GitHub again.


is there solution about it ? i can’t change to credit card , because i haven’t.

I have been trying to register an account, In which I can verify email address but when it comes to mobile number verification it just got stuck!
I have sent request again and again but nothing works for me. (From Bangladesh)

I trick the registration method, I use login with Google account, where I have deactivated the 2-step verification using a telephone number. so I can immediately log in just by verifying my email account without having to use phone number verification.

If possible, try using a different phone number for verification. Sometimes, issues can be specific to a particular number or carrier. But in my case, I inserted my SIM card into my old phone, and it did work for me.

so how to solve this problem, i have same problem in indonesia phone number (+62), please help me

idem, ora iso pakai nomor indonesia +62

I am facing the same issues here, Phone Verification SMS not received - Unable to login and register

have you got any solution?

FIXED!!! To verify by phone number, I use Free Gitlab SMS verification from smspool. I choose British sms which have +44… after that, Gitlab send me the OTP and let me in

Same here. I can’t even verify using a credit card (“something went wrong”) lololol…
Tried both my regular SMS and my Google Voice texting number as well. What a crock.
EDIT: Try refreshing the verification page after signing up for a forum account. Verification page:

Made an issue for this here if you can comment and / or upvote: When signing up for GitLab, phone SMS verification does not work for many people (see link below) (#81045) · Issues · / GitLab FOSS · GitLab