Pipeline fail in project with no CI configuration

The error is still happening.

Repro steps:

  • invite new user to group project (using free plan)
  • Our project has .gitlab-ci.yml, the user push to the MR but it shouldn’t trigger the pipeline because of the rules (only trigger for specific branch)

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 2.43.31 PM

Edit: The pipeline has no jobs inside it

Hi @tijani.fadhilah,

can you please share the .gitlab-ci.yml file content to allow re-producing the problem? Or create a test project with a smaller subset of the config, show casing the error. Thanks!


We’re also facing this issue with a new member, it gets triggered with no jobs with every commit.
CI is configured to be triggered when tag is pushed.
Here is the file:

image: jangrewe/gitlab-ci-android

  ANDROID_SDK_TOOLS:   "6609375"

  key: ${CI_PROJECT_ID}
    - .gradle/

  - apt-get update && apt-get install -y curl git jq
  - export GRADLE_USER_HOME=$(pwd)/.gradle
  - chmod +x ./gradlew

  - build

  stage: build
    - tags
    - ./gradlew assembleDebug

Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 3.37.20 AM
Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 3.38.08 AM

Hi @dnsmichi sorry for the late response, didn’t notice the email notification.

Here’s the part of the gitlab-ci.yml

The error is pretty much the same with screenshot provided by @sambit1 above

Revising my comment above.

The expected condition is the pipeline is triggered but shouldn’t show any errors. Because pipelines triggered by the older member of the group won’t show any errors

We have the same issue, our team member created an account on June 7th and only their MRs are causing the problem, all other team members have older accounts.

Is there anything being done about it?
Our user cannot cannot get verified via creditcard because they do not have one - it is not common outside US!

Thank you

I just encountered the issue with a user newly added to the project. The only unusual think I noticed is that 2FA is enforced on the project but the user has not yet set it up.

affected pipeline