Pipeline failed with all runners disabled or paused

I have disabled all shared runners (why they’re enabled by default I still don’t understand). I have paused all of our specific runners. New pushes to master result in “Pipeline has failed” error notifications and I don’t know why. Why would anything even trigger a pipeline when everything is disabled or paused? What am I missing? How do I stop these pipelines from being triggered and sending these non-error error messages?

Do you still have a .gitlab-ci.yml file? If so, a pipeline will be triggered. Also, it’s worth checking Settings → Merge requests → Merge checker → PIpelines must succeed which you probably want to switch off, and Skipped pipelines are considered successful which you may want to switch on.

We do still have a .gitlab-ci.yml. We would like to revisit CI/CD at some point in the future, but we don’t have the time to commit to getting it to work at the moment. I’ll check into the other settings you mention as well. Thank you!

You’re welcome. If you want to make sure that the pipelines don’t run, maybe the easy thing is to rename that config file, then you won’t lose its history.