Pipeline fails because directory name casing was changed

*Hey all. I’m a dev, not a devop, so apologies in advance for any incompetence. My pipeline is failing on our eslint step which runs eslint src/**/*' --quiet. When I run the script locally it passes, but it’s failing on the gitlab server. It’s telling me that is can’t resolve the path to the module @/components/Charts and one of my changes that triggered the build was changing the casing of that directory. All of our component directories followed this convention accept for charts, so I changed @/components/charts to @/components/Charts. My guess is that git isn’t picking up the change, and I noticed when I make a change in that directory, the source control tab in vscode still shows that the file is in the /charts directory:

any idea how I could tell the server about this case change it isn’t noticing?

the script is running on a node:14-alpine image and this is a self managed gitlab channel. Thanks in advance for any advice you have for me!*

Hi @spope851

Have you set core.ignoreCase to false in your Git config?

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