Pipeline/Jobs never complete, "connection reset by peer" on post and patch to /api/v4/jobs/** and 400 error on Put


I was wondering if you can help me troubleshoot why my CI/CD pipeline isn’t working. This is a very simple hello world test. I am able to attach a runner to my project, the runner seems to scrape up the new jobs when a pipeline is started, but no jobs complete.


  script: /bin/echo Hello World!


  • GitLab EE installed but using CE functionality on physical box on prem
  • GitLab runner installed on a VM in a datacenter
  • Runner registers fine and seems to pick up jobs fine, but is unable to post results/status back?

GitLab (

GitLab Runner (
Version: 11.6.0
Git revision: f100a208
Git branch: 11-6-stable
GO version: go1.8.7
Built: 2018-12-22T11:56:10+0000
OS/Arch: linux/amd64

GitLab Runner Output (–debug run)

Job succeeded duration=243.244461ms job=42 project=9 runner=zuTAzv_m
ERROR: Appending trace to coordinator… error couldn’t execute PATCH against Patch read tcp> read: connection reset by peer runner=zuTAzv_m
Dialing: tcp …
WARNING: Submitting job to coordinator… failed code=-1 job=42 job-status= runner=zuTAzv_m status=couldn’t execute PUT against Put read tcp> read: connection reset by peer

GitLab Output (sudo gitlab-ctl tail)** - - [04/Jan/2019:00:55:44 +0000] “PUT /api/v4/jobs/42 HTTP/1.1” 400 0 “” “gitlab-runner 11.6.0 (11-6-stable; go1.8.7; linux/amd64)”

I have been spending a good day on this trying to figure out what the issue could possibly be, and can’t seem to find any information here or elsewhere. Any ideas were to go from here? If you need anymore information, please let me know.