Pipeline precompiled variables

This is just a proposal or better, an improvement in order to have a better interaction with the JOB-UI when users run the single pipeline instance.
My goal / proposal is : having a dynamic interface based on the job implementation through a specific instruction; improving, on the single job, the definition of a variable as an element included / injected on the ui when the user start the job.
In my case I have the requirement, on my job, to have two variables for running a maven pluing which needs a list of dynamic parameters, this job is manual and the user needs to include those variables for the job run, so, If I had on my job the variables as a run mandatory requirement, could be great!
Imagine, going on the job detail page where the single variable are already defined - not editable - user has only to insert the single value or, inside my job, having the opportunity to define a static list of values…).

Thank you very much for the support.