Pipeline schedules will not run on schedule

Pipeline schedules will not run on the cron interval set in the schedule.

gitlab-ci.yml contains the following rule for the job in question.

- if: ‘$myVariable == “true”’
when: always

I had one schedule that ran fine over night, every 10 minutes. Added a new schedule this morning for every minute, and now neither will run on their configured interval.
The schedules are configured to send $myVariable with a “true” value.
When the schedules are triggered manually, the pipeline and job both succeed - and I’m able to view the outcome in a visualization tool. Confirmed by checking grafana dashboard that is pulling information from a DB that the jobs are adding to.

I don’t use pipeline source == schedule in my rules - but it’s been working fine without it.

Pipeline seems to be fine and I’m not sure what else to check at this point.

Hi @lightmare

What does happen when your schedule runs? Do you get a pipeline at all? When you say “neither will run on their configured interval” does that mean the pipelines run at the wrong time or not at all?