Pipeline timeout and auto-cancel doesn't work

In our gitlab instance, we have a project that has a Timeout set to 20m and selected the Auto-cancel redundant, pending pipelines option.
Unfortunately, none of these settings work. The timeout is indicated as 20m, the job has exceeded it a lot, but it was still running. There was a deadlock and I had to kill it manually.

The same with the auto-canceling pipelines. I did 3 commits on the same branch, all of them had a deadlock. After a weekend there were 3 pipelines still running for the same branch.

Is there any additional setting that may block those features globally?

Got same bug here.
I am using a free plan with 400 minutes and this happened 2 times last week, for the first time, in 2 close moments (one after another).
Basically our minutes are ended at the beginning of the month ^^".

We have a timeout of 20m as we can see and the pipeline has run beyond this timeout.