Pipeline took 4410 minutes but never actually started

Job number: #203024189

Here’s how it looks like:

And look closely at the duration and timeout:


Now my quota is exceeded by 200% :slight_smile:

We have very similar problem. Our pipeline https://gitlab.com/retorio/ai/tori/pipelines/64323050 ran 3563 minutes and we run out of current 2000 minutes quota.

Is it possible to reset our quota until this problem is solved?

@andv, @abdurrahman.namli, and anyone else that encounters this issue; we have an open issue here for this behavior. Feel free to contact support if you’re affected by this and we’ll take care of your minutes.

@Tristan Thanks for quick reply. We appreciate support response rate for free-tier. This shows that we are pretty right about planning to move whole team to silver plan around this summer.

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