Pipelines do not get started/inconsistencies

Starting about 0900 UTC, pipelines get not started for commits pushed to existing branches. Also i pushed a tag, see it in the tag list of the repository, but it is not in the dropdown list of what to build when manually creating a pipeline. So right now i cannot merge because fixes to an open MR do not start a new pipeline, and i cannot even start a new pipeline because the ref to build is not selectable. This seems to be an inconsistency/too slow eventual consistency between the git history/git refs and the CI part?

Edit: This may be connected to https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/47207 ?

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Now my pipelines did start, with a lag of about 15-20 minutes. So this seems to be a backlog/lagging problem. But now the problem from the above issue occurs: First job of a pipeline gets run, then no follow-up jobs in the pipeline get created.

We are having the same problem. Webhook notifications are not sent to our jenkins server after pushing commit. Hope this is going to be resolved

Same here, pipelines are stuck in ‘running’ status, and it’s impossible to stop/cancel them or get them to go to next step.

Again the same problems as a couple of weeks ago. Pipeline starts up after an hour of pending status. We use our own runners, but that doesn’t make any difference. We try to have continuous delivery, but we cannot garantee that anymore unfortunately.