Pipelines Failing with "warning: failed to remove 'venv/' "

I’m a bit of a loss here for my pipelines starting to fail for no good reason. Even the simplest pipeline process runs once, but with the next commit to the same branch, it fails with the following error:

Running with gitlab-ci-multi-runner 1.9.2 (ade6572)
Using Shell executor...
Running on localhost.localdomain...
Fetching changes...
warning: failed to remove 'venv/'
Removing venv/
ERROR: Build failed: exit status 1

in my .gitlab-ci.yml, the failing portion does nothing with the code itself.

    - echo "--- Testing ---"
    - python --version
    - echo "---------------"
    - pwd
    - echo "---------------"
    - ls -la
    - echo "---------------"
    - export

Gitlab runner has been installed to the virtual server, and not into the container.
Everything is being run in “shell”

Additionally, if it helps any… Previously when the pipelines worked all the way through, the staging portion of the .gitlab-ci.yml is like this:

  type: deploy
    - echo "--- Staging ---"
    - pwd
    - ci-scripts/kill-screen.sh
    - make dev
    - . venv/bin/activate
    - cd django-myapp
    - python manage.py migrate
    - screen -dmS django-service python manage.py runserver_plus
    - echo "--- We should have Django service running now ---"
    # Check what comes out of the elasticsearch
    - curl -s http://elastic.labra.mydomain.com:9900
    # Check the Login page status
    - ../ci-scripts/check-http-status.sh

Thank you for anybody could help to solve this problem.


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