Pipelines,Jobs, and commits?

A naive question…

Every time after I commit, the website seems to be weird. I have to stop the current pipeline and restart, in order to have the new commited content updated.

I belive there must be something wrong here, right?

And, it looks the blog is cached somewhere? Unfortunately, I work overnight, some times, the blog was created 1 day ahead, but published on the 2nd day. The cache is problematic?

For instance, my FIRST blog shows 404 at https://longervision.gitlab.io/jekyll/update/2020/05/12/hi-gitlab.html, but the content is clearly different from what I’ve ALREADY committed at https://gitlab.com/longervision/longervision.gitlab.io/-/blob/master/_site/jekyll/update/2020/05/12/hi-gitlab.html.

I believe it has something to do with runner’s cache, but, can anybody help please?


Just a tip to get immediate attention - add that you’re having trouble with GitLab pages. “The website” needed me to read the entire content :wink:

I cannot access the URL https://longervision.gitlab.io/jekyll/update/2020/05/12/hi-gitlab.html, it doesn’t seem to be deployed at all. The CI pipeline looks good though - https://gitlab.com/longervision/longervision.gitlab.io/pipelines/145159601

The main site on https://longervision.gitlab.io/ looks good though. Maybe you have been looking at the wrong URL? /jekyll/ doesn’t work and shows an old version.

Also, I don’t quite understand the purpose of the _site directory in your Git repository. I have just tried to create a Jekyll pages project using the templates suggested in the docs. I don’t have that directory and likely this is runtime generated and as such not needed inside your git repo (cc @jmeshell).