Pipelines must succeed -- which ones?

Hi guys!

I have set the option “Pipelines must succeed” to true. The description states: “Merge requests can’t be merged if the latest pipeline did not succeed or is still running.” Yet, neither this nor the documentation does not explicitly explain which pipeline must succeed.

I have configured my project in a way, when merge request pipeline and branch pipelines do not have overlapping jobs. And voila, today I had a case when the branch pipeline succeeded and the merge request pipeline failed. Yet gitlab still allowed the developer to merge the failing request. Hence my question: which pipeline must succeed? From my perspective, the most logical is that the merge request pipeline must succeed, because, you know, merge request. And yet today’s circus :-/ Are only branch pipelines considered for this rule? Or is it “either branch or mr must succeed”?

Hi @akarshindoctorly
this is a known bug that is tracked in MR can be merged when latest Merge Request Pipeline fails (#384927) · Issues · GitLab.org / GitLab · GitLab

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