Poor (to crap level) readability

Hi, this is just to report the readability on the “issues > list” page just got crappier.

Labels are too big and colours take away readibility from titles. Labels are literally bigger than titles (!!! wtf?)

If you know, H1, H2, H3 etc heading types exist to provide an easy way to meaningful reference to content. If you get literally ANY book, the title isn’t written in the same size of the content text and the home page NEVER contains as many characters as in inner text pages.

That is just basic.

So in a list page, it’s just illogic to present LABELS which are secondary elements bigger than each entry head line.

I wonder how can it happen that in a service that aks for silly money like GL these unuseful upgrades get even released.

And it’s appalling that there is no “report an issue” from a page and there is literally no real support for this.


Thanks for your feedback. Kind reminder for our Code of Conduct to keep the discussion respectful.

For concrete product enhancement ideas, I’d suggest creating a new proposal issue.

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