Port of gitlab clone URL and LFS download URL don't match the one in project URL

I am using gitlabe chart to deploy gitlab-ce. I have kept almost everything unchanged. The component that has been changed is the nginx ingress-controller which I replaced it with traefik ingress controller.
the URL to the gitlab instance will have to use the nodeport specified in the traefik which is not 443. I am able to login into the gitlab and create a project and commit files into the project etc. the problems are:

  1. when I click the clone (https) icon, the URL doesn’t contains the port. the URL will not work in git client. I have to manually insert the port to make the clone work in the client machine.
  2. I also tracked LFS in the project, and committed a LFS in the client. When I do git push, it failed after timeout. I use project/upload feature and am able to add/commit a LFS file directly intot the project. But when I do git pull, it failed as git push LFS. I checked the log file, both failed for the same reason: the URLs for the LFS file don’t contain port. it looks following:
    it really should something like https://gitlab.example.com:30001/root/xxx.git/gitlab-lfs/objects/

What I have missed in the setup?


Same question