Possible Regression w/LDAP Login in 12.6.2

With the installation of 12.6.2, my LDAP authentication stopped working, and all users get “Access denied for your LDAP account”. I am able to query my LDAP servers via ldapsearch with no issues. I have made no changes to my gitlab.rb in the last year. My application log is filled with events stating all users no longer exist in LDAP, ie:

  • January 03, 2020 08:20: LDAP account “uid=,ou=,o=,o=” does not exist anymore, blocking GitLab user “Dodson, Leslie” (@lle.rochester.edu)


can you please share the LDAP configuration parts from your gitlab.rb configuration? Is uid=,ou=,o=,o= really logged or did you obfuscate the string?


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Disregard - some ghost in the LDAP server, the last cron sync made the issue go away -

  • January 03, 2020 13:37: LDAP account “uid=X,ou=XX,o=XX,o=XX” is not disabled anymore, unblocking GitLab user “Dodson, Leslie” (XX@lle.rochester.edu)

Welcome to 2020. :slight_smile:

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