Praefect tries to downgrade to the same version

Hi Forum,

Preafect logs this error from time to time when replicating to my other storage nodes:

    "component": "replication_manager",
    "correlation_id": "dGYjBcvVU0a",
    "error": "get replicated generation: attempted downgrading \"default\" -> \"@hashed/43/15/4315201c26dccae82cffe59250bc356b7ea222388d80bff05aafc19865ccccec.git\" -> \"gitaly-1\" from generation 4610 to 4610",
    "level": "error",
    "msg": "replication job failed",
    "pid": 547,
    "replication_job_id": 6668558,
    "time": "2021-01-18T15:19:35.911Z",
    "virtual_storage": "default"

has anyone else noticed this and has some idea on what i could debug to find more information.

Kind Regards