Pragmatically restart/complete a manual job

I have a pipeline that calls out to XL Release to run a QA flow which has a bunch of manual steps for testing. This testing can take hours to a couple of days. In gitlab ci, there is a blocking when: manual job, therefore once the XL Release flow is complete, XL Release emails my team and someone manually restarts the pipeline.

Is there a way to pragmatically restart/complete a manual job?

We would love to have XL Release call back to GitLab CI to run the next jobs in the pipeline.

We have GitLab EE and not all of QA has a licenses, while we have an enterprise license for XL Release. Moreover, all releases are run with XL Release, therefore we cannot get all personal needed (QA, Release management, etc.) to go into Gitlab. Thus why we call out to XL Release just looking for a way to have XLR call back when its flow is complete.

I figured it out

Example of a call: