Prevent/Disable overriding "include" jobs or .templates

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I am not sure it’s possible, but I would like to mark jobs or .templates from includes as “fixed” - meaning they cannot be changed or overridden.

The reason I am trying prevent local .gitlab-ci.yml files from overriding jobs defined in an “include”, is because we’re trying to develop a good terraform pipeline. We currently have a pipeline that runs terraform plan on a Merge Request. These plans run on regular runners (qa, staging) and protected runners (production).

Allowing these protected runners to run on Merge Requests enables a potential malicious user to include the pipeline or template, override the script, rules, etc and can technically change the terraform plan to a terraform apply -auto-approve, which could result in deleting infrastructure.

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      Self-managed 14.3.3-ee

Hi @brett.porter

As far as I know, it’s not possible to do this.

You might want to have a look around the current list of issues and either upvote anything you think is relevant to you (which will make it more likely to be resolved) or raise a new issue.

Hi @brett.porter
I’m also looking for the same requirement to stop overriding of some essential jobs from included template. Did you get any workaround for this issue?