Privacy Policy on is malfunctioning

I wasn’t sure if the Gitlab repository was the place to submit issues about ‘,’ so here I post mine in the format of bug reports.


The privacy policy of located at GitLab Privacy Policy | GitLab isn’t rendered correctly.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Visit GitLab Privacy Policy | GitLab.

Example Project


What is the current bug behavior?

The page renders a lot of what look like HTML classes, tags, ids mixed with the actual content of the Privacy Policy, like below:

.container.txt-lefty .row .col-sm-9.col-md-9 #privacy-policy %h2 Introduction %p This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) applies to all visitors and users of the hosted services and websites 

What is the expected correct behavior?

What looks like HTML tags should actually be rendered as HTML.

Relevant logs and/or screenshots

This is what Privacy Policy looks like as of 10/Jan/2021, 15:30 JST.

Image from Gyazo

As of 17/Jan/2021, the page is working - this report is now irrelevant :slight_smile: