Private access group still showing (I hope only showing) internal access icon

I’m a happy user of free GitLab, looking to convince my team to move to full-featured licence!

Currently, I’ve set two groups holding several projects each of them. I’m the owner of both. To the best of my knowledge, security set up is identical for both groups. I want that only members can access their contents.

One of them, created about two years ago, in spite of being set as private, shows an icon that says that it has Internal access.

The other, created six months ago, shows the Private access icon.

I’m not able to see the Internal option under General settings > visibility. See below:

GitLab_Screenshot 2022-02-05 092317

I created a “dummy user” to check if I’ve access to the group I find like Internal once I log in GitLab: fortunately I have not! But this Internal icon is puzzling me.

Please, where am I lost? Thanks for your help!