Problem after upgrading to GitLab 12.8.1

Hello together,

First i want to say hello to all of you, as this will be my first post.

Today i upgraded my GitLab installation to version 12.8.1. First everything seems to looking fine.
But that was only the first look. Currently it is not possible to see the whole repository content of any projects on the gitlab ui.
Some folders are missing and also the information of the last commit message as well as the last commit time are only gray boxes as shown in the picture.

After investigating that problem i found out, that in some folders it will be possible to hit F5 to refresh the page. On that refreshed page the missing information will be displayed.

Did anyone have an idea what causing that problem. I have restarted the server, which is an Debian instance, but without any success.

Using the repository with an external client is working well.

Kind Regards,


After a lot of Investigation i found out, that the Problem occurs to the Codepage that is used.
Within the Folder or file names some Special characters like ö,ä,ü,µ are used, if i start to replace them, everything works fine.

Did anybody know, where to set the desired Codepage in order to be able to use also those characters?

Kind Regards,