Problem building on remote CI Runner


We are fairly new to GitLab but we have a working setup so far building with a local runner on the GitLab server. We build a Java package using “mvn package” with the local runner, all works super!

Now we’re taking the step to build with a remote worker on a staging server. Remote worker connects and clones the project without any errors, i runs the build job once again with the “mvn package” and a correct war output. But now it turns interesting, when i deploy the package into my Tomcat server it gives me an Hivernate4 error and the project is non working.

I’ve checked that I have the same Java versions, apache-maven, Tomcat, MariaDB, etc. But still the build do not work!
Maybe this is a Java or Mavern problem but I would like to start my question in this forum.

Please let me know if I need to explain the problem further!