Problem creating a merge request from an issue with a dot in the title

I was going to raise an issue in but it suggested that I ask here first.

We are seeing a strange problem when trying to create a merge request towards a source branch other than master. After some testing we see this problem with only one particular issue. This issue has a ‘.’ character in the title. When I removed the dot, then it was again possible to create an MR towards a specific source branch.

To reproduce

  • create or edit an existing issue so that the issue has a ‘.’ in the title like “Update .gitignore”
  • create an MR from this issue pointing a source branch other than the default (master, main), using the dropdown to the right of the “Create Merge Request” button
  • click on “Create Merge Request” button in the dropdown
  • get directed to an error page which looks like the compare branch page

Does anyone else see the same problem?