Problem deleting container registry

I am trying to delete container registry so that I can transfer my project to another repo (inside but for some reason while trying to delete registry images, gitlab responds with “something went wrong in our side” alert and creates a new image with null byte. that has been preventing me from transferring this repo to another one. I have attached a screenshot that shows abnormally created new image.

Any help would be appreciated. I am using free tier of

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Ditto, I am currently experiencing the same problem :sweat_smile:

@mrstebouk Are you also seeing images with null bytes reported as the size? If so, then you should be able to work around the issue. But, if that still doesn’t work then please submit a support ticket as we may need to remove the images and tags manually.

@sshahcodes This thread is rather old, but :point_up: applies to you as well if you’re still experiencing this.

No, I am not seeing that. It is just an issue that I wanted to delete the image and got a message that said it has been scheduled for deletion…but that was more than a couple of days ago.

I’ll submit a support ticket as you suggested, thanks :slight_smile:

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