Problem when pulling from self hosted gitlab registry

Hello Gitlab CE Forum,

I am having problem when pulling an image from Self Hosted Gitlab registry.

The image is successfully built and pushed by a CI job running on the docker executor.

I then see it in the registry.

However when trying to pull it from my laptop, it seems it gets stuck at pulling on of the fs layers.

It does a pull over and over and never finished.

One thing to note though, i if i try to pull the image from within a CI job, it is successfully pulled right away.

Anyone has any clues? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi @dimaaash

Can you please share the steps which you did for pushing and pulling the images in self hosted gitlab registry.

Hi @kirangavali,

Well, It turned out to be a very silly thing after all:

My terminal session from within my IDE was sort of getting out of sync with what docker pull was currently showing as progress and it seemed like it was doing same layer over and over.
I’ve let the pull run until the end (it was a big image which was taking some time) and it successfully finished.

When i tried to do the same pull within an iTerm, it showed progress correctly.

So the culprit is the “Embedded” terminal of my IDE which doesnt seem to properly show progress when the pull has lots of layers.

Thank you.