Problem with a wrong reviewers list using MR templates

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Problem to solve

I have a problem with a wrong reviewers list using MR templates. When I use the template and add people to review using @, then, after I create a MR, the list of people is different. The list should be exactly the same as mentioned in the MR description.

It worked 1-2 weeks ago and now it’s not.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Click to create MR.
  2. Choose a template
  3. Confirm that you want to override existing description.
  4. Use this in you template
/assign me
/assign_reviewer @foo @bar
/unassign_reviewer me
  1. Click to create MR.
  2. Look at the list on the right side when there is a list of people.
  3. You should see a different list of people than listed in the description from the 4-th step.


  • Self-managed
  • SaaS
  • Self-hosted Runners