Problem with artifact URLs for projects with a . in the name

My project has a . in the name, which means that generated artifact URLs on have an invalid TLS certificate.

For example, if I click any of the links under coverage/html · Artifacts · test:app (#1232745102) · Jobs · Hunter 2 / hunter2 · GitLab
then I am directed to, for example,
which presents a TLS certificate which is signed for * and and (obviously?) not * or

with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight it seems that gitlab ought to have enforced that project names were valid DNS labels, or I should have chosen one which was at least, but it’s a bit late for that now.

would it be possible for gitlab to do one of the following?

  1. apply some normalising function to turn project names into a valid single DNS label (eg. translate . for -) but this could result in collision, eg what if someone else has the project name hunter2-app
  2. allow bring your own domain/TLS (ACME?) for artifacts at the project level so that people who have this problem have some kind of workaround

is there another workaround/solution to this problem that I’m not aware of?